Megan M Designs fashion illustrations sketch

I’m Megan, the designer running the Little Peril accounts. I am from Dundee and have been studying a fashion degree the past four years at Heriot Watt University. I’ve always been drawn to artistic practices from a young age starting with constantly drawing and now I can’t stop making things. I’ve always enjoyed making things from earrings to clothes and recently leaning how to knit and create bead bags; I like to learn new skills to use in future collections. 

Megan M Designs moodboard kidswear research
Megan M Designs fashion kidswear illustration cartoons sketch

Originally I specialised in womenswear but during the past two years I’ve spread my focus across menswear and unisex with my favourite collections being Co-ed or Unisex, I don’t think it’s my place to say what gender can wear what garment; if it fits it’s made for you. My honours collection was Co-ed exploring the theme of the senses, inspired by a fog tunnel that showcased the real future impact of smog on cities, the collection features 100% ethical fabrics, all biodegradable, recyclable or up-cyclable.

Megan M Designs fashion illustration sketch
Megan M Designs fashion illustration sketch