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Keeping Creative During Lockdown

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

You can't instantly find creativity, you have to allow it to come to you without forcing it. This has been especially difficult in the current climate. There are so many reasons creatives, myself included, have been struggling during this time but there are a few ways to bring that spark back, that drive to do something.

One problem is not having a routine anymore. The first week or so was amazing: lie-ins every day; breakfast for lunch; and enjoying a much needed reset. After that, the days start to roll into each other and nothing quite feels normal. It is definitely worth getting a routine for your days. Set alarms in the morning. Go to bed expecting to get up early. Schedule exercise, times for meals and times for rest. This is what you would be doing if the world was currently normal, so make a normal for yourself and you can always have that lie-in on a Sunday!

Go outside. This is one I did not follow for the first couple of weeks. I ended up with headaches, lack of motivation and tiredness. If you think it's a waste of time venturing outside, tell yourself it's for research. Go out and get some photos to draw from, or save them for a later project. Having your eyes focus on something that isn't a screen or the wall in front of you will do wonders. And you might find some natural inspiration along the way. I've got so many images of flowers saved on my phone now that I just cannot wait to draw!

Yellow flower nature wildflower photography
wildflower nature plants photography

With so many big plans cancelled, there's nothing to look forward to and things you are missing out on. I know I am gutted about how my degree ended and my lack of graduation, but it's all about making plans and having something new to look forward to. I was supposed to be going on my first proper holiday abroad in years to celebrate graduating, which was obviously cancelled. So me and my partner are using those funds to move to a larger house instead. This is giving me something to be excited for and keep my hopes up about the future. So go create some plans, no matter how small they are! Even if it's a special day at home, a day of baking or a movie marathon. Plan it and be excited for it.

And finally, don't be hard on yourself. On Instagram everyone shows how amazingly productive they're being, the projects their completing and how they're making the most of the lockdown. No one shows the struggles they go through to do so, and some struggle more than others. We're all different and we're all reacting to this very worrying time differently. If you're not feeling happy, you won't be able to be your most creative self. Focus on your happiness and health above all else and the drive will come after that.


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