The End and the Beginning

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

With our creative studio spaces joined together at university, we regularly joked about 'leaving and just starting our own print studio'. We wanted to be creating as our job, together, supporting one another. Two months before we were intending to complete our honours degrees, the pandemic hit, and we were sent home to complete our studies. It was a very distressing and disappointing time for all of us, but having the Printd. Collective in mind motivated us and kept our spirits up for the future.

heriot watt high mill textile design building
Heriot-Watt High Mill

Stacy from SLB Textiles says...

"COVID-19 has brought a devastating end to my four years at university and it certainly was not the end I had in mind for my final Honours year. Not only did I not get to properly finish my practical work, but I also never got to display my work at the Degree Show or New Designers which is what our whole degree had been leading up to. It has also brought a lot of uncertainty around career prospects as it is now almost impossible to get a job that is at all relevant to what I have just graduated in. However, this has also sparked up new possibilities for my fellow classmates and best friends hence this collaborative website. We have all decided to work together and support each other through this very uncertain and difficult time and we really hope to spark joy in others by selling our artwork for everyone to enjoy. Although the future is unpredictable at the moment, I am delighted to be starting this journey with Printd. Collective."

Helen from Variorum says...

"After doing seven years of further education I dreamed of my graduation and final degree show. I was distraught when they were taken away from me. I have to be grateful that I was able to earn the remainder of my degree from home but nothing compares to that final exhibitions and getting those unique opportunities. I've wanted to start my own business for years now so beginning this adventure brought my creativity back up and motivated me. With the lack of jobs in the foreseeable future, focusing on being our own bosses will be an amazing learning experience and it is made even better with the support from my closest and most talented friends."

design textiles studio desks
Design for Textiles studio
design textiles studio desks
Design for textiles studio

Hannah from H Taylor Design says...

The final year of your honours degree really tests you as a person . We all knew that as our final year began, this was gonna be tough - there would be laughs, and more tears than you can imagine, but it would all be worth it. Then Covid-19 struck. Our university life was turned upside down, and before we knew it we were being asked to leave as the university prepared to close. In this unprecedented territory everything would change, and we'd all have to learn to adapt. Gone was the studio environment that pushed you to keep going and kept you inspired - instead I finished my degree from my bed, in a permanent cocoon of duvet, trying to come to terms with what was happening. Weekly tutorials were now awkward video calls, which felt more uncomfortable than helpful. Criticism on your work felt a new level of uneasy - how could I possibly continue my final collection without the essential resources the university supplied? I left university with no fabric samples at all, and that looked over my head desperately. With no University print room, fabric printing would have to be outsourced - this meant pouring yet more money into a degree that had already cost me thousands on materials alone, and yet it all just didn't seem worth it anymore. Coronavirus affected everyone's university experience in one way or another, but we were all together in the experiences it took from us. As a student in a creative course, you look forward to being showcased in your university's degree show. That's the goal, that's the silver lining of everything, and that goal keeps you pushing through when times get tough. As a graduate of the "Class of Covid 19" I will have no degree show. Employers will not come to view my work, I wont get to establish those essential connections which are vital in this industry. My class will also not attend New Designers, a trade event giving opportunities for awards and networking. My class has spent the year desperately fundraising to make the 13K we needed to attend the event. We compromised our degrees for the chance to go and personally I look back on all the time spent screen printing bags, baking for bake sales and selling clothes with so much regret as to time that was wasted for an event that will never be.

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Heriot watt university high mill borders campus
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