Organic cotton tote bag perfect for everyday use. The bag is made out of organic cotton fabrics including the fabric, thread and straps. It features an original design which was origionally created using collage, and allows for a rough yet effective design, which was inspired by the rough of Scottish horizons."Bluichtie Roch" translates to "Blueish Rough"in the Scot's dialect of Doric. The inside of the bag is a cream colour due to the use of naturally unbleached fabric. Model is 5'7 and a UK 14.

◾ Fabric - we digitally print our designs onto a natural, unbleached, and GOTS certified organic cotton sateen material.
◾ Straps - we use a natural and unbleached organic cotton strapping which is both lightweight and durable.
◾ Thread - scanfil organic cotton thread.

◾ Whole Bag: approximately 43cm (L) x 45cm (W)
◾ Inside of Bag: 43 cm(L) x 41cm (W)
◾ Straps: approximately 60 cm in total (30 cm high)

We choose to use digital print to showcase our designs on fabric as printing requires no water at all in the printing process, and uses around 95% less energy than traditional screen printing. Virtually zero ink waste is created in the process due to accurate discharging of inks onto the fabric. There are no soapy residues or liquid discharges from the production. This process also allows us to get a great quality print on a natural fabric. Our The fabric we print on is also GOTS certified, as well as organic, meaning that there are no nasty chemicals involved in the production of the fabric or its printing process. Due to the handmade nature of this product, there may be small imperfections and inconsistencies between products, this makes them all the more special. Sold in eco friendly and sustainable packaging.

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Bluichtie Roch Eco Organic Cotton Tote Bag