I'm Helen and I grew up in the Shetland Isles in the middle of the North Sea.  I studied an NC in Art and Design at Shetland College before relocating to the mainland to experience a different way of life and pursue my love for art.  I lived in Aberdeen for two years while I completed an HND in Fashion and Textiles.  Following this, I began my degree in Design for Textiles at Heriot Watt University in the Scottish Borders where I developed a style and a confidence.

After my second year of university I did a placement on the Isle of Lewis, learning about the history and process of Harris Tweed.  I also received third place in the Prestigious Textiles section for the Bradford Design Society Competition for my 'Dratsi' interior fabric.

Shetland is a pretty unique place and it inspires me every day, whether I'm there or not.  The wildlife is full of character and unique to anywhere else in the world.  There is also a culture so warm and so homely that I hope to convey that feeling through my prints.

I specialise in high detail and high quality for interiors and lifestyle.  I also love to bring a sense of 'home' to my prints and remind people of the natural beauty around them, particularly in Scotland.

The designs I create have quite a classic and timeless look to them.  I try to keep my colours minimal to not distract from the detail that goes into each print.  Everything is drawn by hand and developed into a pattern from those initial drawings.  It's a long process but one I love doing.